Lakes become deserts: The story of Lake Chad

Lakes Become Deserts - The Story Of Lake Chad
Fossilized fish

Six thousand years ago, what is now Lake Chad in the country of the same name was the largest freshwater lake on Earth. What remains covers less than a hundredth of the same area. The paleolake Mega-Chad, as researchers have dubbed it, at one time more than filled the Bodélé depression, an area which now, six thousand years on, is the largest single source of airborne dust particles in the world.

We now know, thanks to examination of satellite imagery which has identified former shorelines and allowed researchers to date when the lakes had each of them, exactly when the paleolake began to decline, and we have been able to measure the rate. The process is fascinating – but the results are nothing short of amazing.

What’s amazing is that Lake Mega-Chad, having mostly dried up in a short burst (around six hundred years at the outside), was still enough to keep the depression dry …

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Solar vs. wind energy

Solar Vs. Wind EnergySo far, I focused more on solar energy as a more efficient alternative to electricity. The thing is, solar energy is not the only option. Maybe for some of you, wind power is a more suitable solution. I did a little research, talked to Bob and here I am giving you some advices on how to choose between the two of them.

The first step in determining which renewable energy solution is best for your home is to begin by doing research. Often, consumers must choose between two of the most popular types of renewable energy solutions: solar energy and wind energy. Here are the 2 most important aspects you should consider when you decide which solution is best for you:


Your geographic location will play a huge role in determining which solution is best for your needs. I …

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Simple Weight Loss Strategies

Simple Weight Loss StrategiesEveryone, at some point in their life, wants to lose weight. Whether it’s for an event such as your wedding, or to look good at a school reunion, or if your weight has been a lifelong struggle, you know how difficult it can be to start the new fad diet or make time to visit the gym regularly. There are several ways you can drop the unwanted pounds without needing to completely reorganize your busy day.

Simply eating fewer calories a day will help reduce your weight. You don’t need a fancy diet or to completely alter your grocery list. When you eat, even if it’s a lunch out with friends, just eat smaller portions. You should however consider the many food decisions you make on a daily basis. Even something as simple as skipping the mayonnaise or choosing a grilled chicken sandwich instead of …

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Alternative uses for solar panels

Alternative Uses for Solar PanelsNow that I’ve told you one or two things about solar panels, it’s time to open your eyes regarding all the multiple uses of solar panels. The are many advantages of solar energy: it increase home value, it has a minimal impact on the environment, provides a free energy source and it’s totally worth the investment (the average cost for a solar panel is about $350 for every 85 watts). The best thing about them is that they can also be used to power equipment, vehicles, boats, and others.

I’m gonna give you 4 alternative uses for solar energy that you may not know yet:

RV and boat solar power

We still have a little bit of waiting to do in order to have mass-produced solar power cars, but we can start to see solar panels attached to vehicles – …

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Choosing The Best of the 3 Types of Solar Panels

Choosing The Best of the 3 Types of Solar PanelsI’m back and hopefully by now you have decided if solar panels are right for you! It’s time you find out everything you need to know of the 3 types (that’s right!) of solar panels.

Solar panels provide an ideal, environmentally friendly, source of energy without requiring a lot of maintenance. Solar panel technology continues to improve, and luckily for us, to become more affordable for the ordinary people who want to go green.

Generally, all solar panels are designed to produce the same amount of energy from the sun, which is half a volt per solar cell. A standard 12 volt solar cell (which produces about the same amount of energy as a car outlet) will generally have 36 cells and be about 25 inches wide by 54 inches long. Most households install multiple solar cells so they can 24 volts, 48 volts, or more of solar energy output.

Now, here comes the tricky part. You need to know the differences between the types of solar panels before actually choosing one. They differ in size, materials, and efficiency. Here’s what you need to know of the 3 types of solar panels you may select:

Monocrystalline: Monocrystalline solar panels are the most …

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Sea Rise Threatens Over $40bn Worth Of National Parks Infrastructure

Sea Rise Threatens Over $40bn Worth Of National Parks InfrastructureAlarming recent reports are suggesting that the rise in sea levels could threaten over $40bn worth of national infrastructure and natural assets, providing further evidence of the economic threat that global warming provides. Across the country with sites ranging from the Boston National Historic Park, the Recreation Area in New York City to Golden Gate National Recreation – and many more in-between – policy makers are increasingly vocal in the need to act soon to minimize the potential damage that these historic sites are facing.

The threat posed by rising sea levels towards such places is nothing new – it has always been a closely …

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Are solar panels right for you

Are Solar Panels Right for YouOK, so I know last time I told you that I will let you know everything you need to know about solar panels, but I was talking to Bob the other day, stealing tips from him for you guys, and he told me that solar panels are not for everyone, and before you jump in a store and buy whatever you find, you should figure it out if they are right for you.

If you are like me, you probably want to install solar panels because you want to reduce your energy costs and also, maintain a small environmental impact.

Here are some tips to help you make the best decisions about investing in solar panels so that the payoff is satisfactory for years to come:

Think about how much do you afford spending on solar

Even if you decide to invest in the least expensive solar panels on the market, it is important to be aware that the initial investment you make into solar panel technology can be expensive. You will not only have to invest in the solar panels themselves, but you will also have to properly install them into your home or office building.

It’s a good thing that the U.S. government offers some significant tax incentives to help reduce the cost of solar panels. But even with those tax incentives,

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