3 Things you need to know about Wind Turbines

3 Things you need to know about wind turbinesFor those of you who, based on my tips from last time, decided that wind energy is more suitable for them, here I am with some information about wind turbines. They have some pretty good qualities:  they are environmentally friendly energy sources, they are quiet, relatively inexpensive, and excellent solutions for people looking to invest in renewable energy systems.

So if you’ve decided to buy a wind turbine here are a few things you should know.

Swept areas and energy products

The swept area of wind turbine units reflects the size of the unit itself and varies from system to system. The swept area is defined by the diameter of the wind turbine rotor. The swept area makes a significant difference in the amount of energy that is generated by the unit.

A small swept area – or “small wind” turbine – …

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