First certified efficiency of 15% in perovskite solar cells

First certified efficiency of 15 percent in perovskite solar cell

For the first time, the research group at the Photovoltaic Materials Unit of the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS — Sukesatsu Ushioda, president), led by Dr. Liyuan Han, achieved an energy conversion efficiency rate of fifteen percent in perovskite solar cells, as officially recognized certified at an international test center.

The most conversion efficiencies in such solar cells thus far reported had been measured with small-sized cells — about 0.016 in². A conversion efficiency of 20.1 percent had previously been reported, but the size of the cells used in that study — 0.0145 in² — resulted in a large measurement error, and the report did not present the measurement method. To advance research and development of perovskite solar cells steadily, and base it on reliable data, one must measure the conversion efficiencies at an international public test center.

The research group increased conversion efficiency and reproduction of perovskite solar cells by inventing a new method for controlling the morphology of the perovskite layer. Additionally, since the conventional material used for charge carrier transport layers is hydrophilic, …


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