Prefab green homes

Prefab Green Homes

If you don’t think you have the energy and patience to transform your house in an alternative energy friendly environment, you can always go for the prefabricated green houses, they come in a kit!

Prefab green homes are easy to assemble and loaded with unique features that make them cozy. Here are a few facts about prefab green homes that you may want to consider before buying your own prefab green home:

Who assembles a prefab home?

Green homes are generally assembled by general contractors. In many cases you can hire a general contractor before buying a green home kit to make sure that the general contractor is comfortable assembling the green home for you. However, you may also want to hire a contractor after buying the kit so that you can be sure that the contractor will be comfortable assembling the kit you’ve purchased. Be sure to get estimates from several contractors before hiring your final choice so that you can be sure that you’re getting the best deal for you.

What comes in the green home kit?

Green home kits do not come with all of the nuts and bolts like a bicycle kit. Instead, they come with a green home paneling, walls, and a roof, in many cases. You’ll be responsible for taking care of the rest, which means that you are in control of exactly what materials go into creating your home, including solar panels, wind turbine technology, geothermal water heaters, and any other green energy resources you choose to install.

What makes green home kits green?

In addition to the materials that are used when assembling green homes, green …

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