Survival guide – Refrigerate food without electrical power

Survival guide - Refrigerate food without electrical powerOne of our most critical uses of electricity is for water and food refrigeration. Of all the stockpiling systems accessible to us, sustenance refrigeration is likely the most generally utilized. It permits us to keep fresh foods fresh, without ruining, and keeping extra cooked food so they can be utilized rather than squandered. The issue is that current refrigeration obliges power.

In a grid-down situation one of the things we will miss the most is the lack of refrigeration. This will make it critical to preserve any foods as soon as they are harvested, as well as only preparing the amount we are about to consume. Otherwise, food will go to waste.

In any case, what did individuals do before the creation of advanced refrigeration? Is it accurate to say that they were not able to keep foods for more than a day or two, or did they have different method for keeping food from ruining? From what I’ve found in my investigations of history, I’d say it was a mix of the two.

Cooked foods will really keep for a period, before they go awful. Going in Mexico, there have been commonly when I’ve eaten food that had been forgotten on the table from the earlier day. While this would alarm the normal American homemaker, in all actuality if the food is warmed up enough, it will slaughter off any microscopic organisms that have gotten into the sustenance overnight.

In past times, before refrigeration, they had various methods for keeping foods from ruining, including a large portion of the strategies for conservation which we utilize today. They likewise saw how keeping food cool would help to keep it from ruining and took whatever methods they could to keep foods cool.

Natural Cooling

Contingent upon where you live, the atmosphere and the season of year, there are various methods for keeping foods cool or even frosty, without utilizing the cooler. While not these thoughts will work for all individuals, they are every single compelling method for keeping food cool.

Utilize the outside

When we lived in Colorado and New York State, we had regular refrigeration for a while of the year. Temperatures amid the winter would frequently be colder than our cooler. Along these lines, we would leave things outside, either in the (unheated) carport or in the snow. This utilization of the characteristic icy was basic in the beginning of our nation, when they didn’t have refrigeration. Food canisters, open to the outside, would be fabricated outside the home or even in the kitchen. Indeed, even meats could be put away along these lines, with no peril of eating them.

A Well or Cavern

Anything that is subterranean will be cooler than being at ground level. Old fashioned way, where men really burrowed them with scoops, would dependably be cooler …

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