Water ATM

Water ATM - Patriot Direct - Survival SkillsThe water ATM is a water supply system used to treat and distribute water that is fit for human consumption. The Water ATM has been used in Kenya, located in East Africa and India. The cost of buying water from a Water ATM is low, about half a US cent for a 5 gallon container.

Normally it would cost as much as 30 cents for the same 5 gallon container. This is an ingenious way to distribute water in times of drought not just in the third world countries but in the developed world as well. It should be included in any survival guide that is meant to help communities deal with water scarcity.

As global carbon levels rise, mega-droughts that were a rare occurrence in the past will be common. We need ways to control usage of fresh water and make drinking water accessible for all. A water ATM is one of the ways that can be used to distribute water to all and avoid water wars among communities.

In the southern part of the United States, the Colorado River’s water levels are dwindling. Water treaties between the United States and Mexico are only a temporary measure to avoid water wars. A few years back, even the Mexican government did not anticipate they would need so much water for their population …

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