Nestle Pays Just $524 To Exploit Drought Desperate California

Nestle Pays Just $524 To Exploit Drought Desperate CaliforniaThis month, Nestle has once again been placed right at the heart of the California megadrought. With the increasingly parched state now in its fourth consecutive year of official ‘drought conditions,’ authorities are starting to panic. According to recent reports, the state is now down by a twelve month supply of water and the Colorado River is running dry.

In fact, since Nestle was first named and shamed, it has actually increased the amount of liquid which it is drawing from the natural springs. The most controversial site is the San Bernardino National Forest, as it has recently been revealed that the company has drawn water from the area without a valid license for almost three decades.

Yet, Nestle has, thus far, refused to stop bottling water in the thirsty region – even Starbucks has now admitted the dubiousness of drawing for bottled drinks from natural springs, but Nestle will simply not back down. In essence, it seems to be waging a one man water war for the right to condemn a whole state and the people who live there.

Uncovering the Extent of the Problem

Plus, Nestle is also drawing a huge amount of water from Arrowhead Springs, for use in its bottled Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water. The springs in question happen to be situated on public ground, within the bounds of a publicly accessible national forest and parkland. If it is starting to sound a little confusing to you too, do not worry – there are plenty …

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