Five Goods to Store in Your Car in Case of Emergencies

Five Goods to Store in Your Car in Case of EmergenciesThere are some key items that every person should keep in their vehicle for emergencies. If someone becomes stranded, this stuff can help keep them alive until help arrives. The most vital factor is to prepare ahead of time because nobody knows when their vehicle may break down, or a natural disaster will strand them without help.

FEMA suggests the people who are preparing for emergency situations keep at least a half a gallon of water accessible per person. The minimum amount of time to prepare for is 3 days. Keeping canned goods on hand is incredibly useful because they stay sealed, can be heated over a fire, and may be eaten cold if necessary. Federal Emergency Management Agency also says that each person should have enough food for at least one full meal daily to maintain strength and energy levels in an emergency situation. Emergency food is a vital part of being prepared for the unexpected. A can opener and a knife are different handy items to stay with food stores.

People should keep a first aid kit in their vehicle and home at all times. There should be bandages, gauze, antiseptic, tape, scissors, antibiotic cream, tweezers, Q-tips or cotton balls, Benadryl and plastic bags in an emergency aid kit. Any scrapes or cuts will be cleansed and treated quickly if the necessary provides are available. If an allergic reaction happens from being stranded in an area where allergens are present, then the person will counteract the reaction with Benadryl. This medication is a very vital step for people who are severely allergic to anything in nature like bees or poison ivy. The plastic bags will be used as a clean surface while …

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India permits free energy technology

India permits free energy technologyThe free energy that is found in India has given it its pride. It is also much willing to risk challenging Petrodollar countries with its move to support the Reactionless AC Synchronous Generator (RLG). It was invented by its engineer who was the former Executive Director of the Nuclear Power in India.

All these developments could not have gone through without considering the possible consequences that could have erupted from the petrodollar nations. India has decided to align its military program with Russia against the Nazionist cabal that is imposing all sorts of sanctions to destroy.

Breaking News

The RLG generator was invented by Paramahamsa Tewari, who was an electrical engineer. The efficiency of the models he has built is as high as 250%. I made one visit in November 2014 to see the basis of the RLG that began in 2010. After I had arrived there, small experiments were done to prove how the RLG works. I found out that the work was ingenious, and the breakthrough was imminent.

The experiment has been done severally to prove the efficiency of generators far above the previous design. The design uses the same materials that were used before in the previous generators, but the magnetic circuit is the only device that was changed and configured to cancel back the torque while inducing current and producing power.

In my November visit, I saw two tests that were carried out to test for efficiency on the new model. The second test turned out to produce better results than the first one by a 238% efficiency. This might shift to 300% if the stator coils are connected to the circuit. This is a three phase generator that operates at 50 Hz.

We later visited a 130-acre factory, and when the chief electrical engineer saw our drawings of the RLG, …

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Turmeric and Honey – The strongest antibiotic from nature

Turmeric and Honey – The strongest antibiotic from natureThis natural antibiotic combine from honey and turmeric antibiotic includes a strong anti-inflammatory result which not only strengthens the immune system but kills bacteria and agents of the diseases. In contrast to synthetic antibiotics that you can buy in pharmacies this drugs doesn’t cause unwanted effects on your digestion and enteral micro flora and is totally safe to use.

Turmeric contains curcumin, a polyphenol that have an active ingredient that have over one hundred fifty therapeutic properties in which anti-inflammatory, anticancer and antioxidant properties.

Consumption of honey and turmeric improves digestion and will increase the quantity of good bacteria in the intestines.

How to prepare

  • 100 Grams of raw honey
  • 1 tablespoon turmeric powder

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Hiding garden in the wilderness

Hiding garden in the wildernessWhen a serious crisis strikes, there’ll be a good need to grow food if your bug out group is to survive and flourish. there’ll be several issues that has to be worked out as a result of the bug out set up is only a guide, and it should need to change based on necessity.

Protecting new garden plots and harvest storage areas literally suggests that the difference between life and death for the group.

Start Off with the correct Seeds

There are 3 varieties of seeds that may be purchased; but just one is best for long term survival. Ensure that you know the differences and also that you know precisely what you’re shopping for.

GMO seeds

A Genetically Modified Organism is an organism whose genetic material has been altered by exploitation genetic engineering techniques. GMO seeds could include genes from fish, chemical resistant proteins, and other chemicals instead of deoxyribonucleic acid from a natural plant.

Changes to non-GMO crops may be created by accidental cross pollination with GMO variants. These seeds aren’t good for survival horticulture because there is no telling whether the seeds are viable from generation to generation. even if plants are created, the food from them is also toxic because of unstable deoxyribonucleic acid in the organism.

Heirloom seeds

Heirloom seeds return from a plant that has been passed from generation to generation without modification. Several Heirloom seeds are fully grown, saved, and passed …

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Seven methods of cooking you need to know for survive

Seven methods of cooking you need to know for surviveLong before we tend to had pots and pans, men and ladies knelt over fires and used what nature provided to put food on their table, or on the big rock serving as their table that evening. Today, we’ve knives, pots, spoons, and even massive appliances like food processors. However that doesn’t mean you won’t ever need to skills to cook without them. Whether or not you’re camping or in an actual emergency scenario, there are seven common primitive cooking ways that you simply still would better know even these days.

  • Ash Cooking

This is pretty like what we call tin-foil cooking. The distinction is that you’ll use leaves instead of aluminium foil. First you would like to create a fire slowly let it die while flattening the surface with coals of a fire. The coals ought to be hot but not burning (with flames).

While the coals are getting hot, find some very large leaves that you simply can use to cook the food in. keep in mind that the leaves need to be large enough so that they’ll be wrapped around the food, but they also have to be non-poisonous so you don’t ingest toxins. Also, attempt to find leaves or plants that have vines attached to them. These work well for wrapping around the food and turning it into alittle bundle.

A very common and very good example are burdock leaves. These leaves are extremely massive and they’ll turn out a delicious juicy meal.

Once the food is wrapped and the coals are hot, place the food onto the coals. using a stick, move some of the hot coals over top of the food so that it will cook on each side.

  • Broiling

Broiling over a fire isn’t that a lot of totally different than broiling in your oven. The only difference is that, over a fire, you may not have a pan to lay the food in, so you’ll need to set something up that may hold the food over the fire without it falling in.

River birch and willow are nice woods you can use for broiling over an open fire because they’re versatile, …

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Survival Guides – Ten survival strategies for woman living alone

Survival Guides - Ten survival strategies for woman living aloneMost preparedness information out there appears to assume that everybody is part of a family with a mommy, a dad, three kids, and a dog. Or, if not that, an extended family that has brothers, uncles, and a grand-pappy. Somehow, the image given always includes a man.

The truth is, that’s not always the case; there are a lot of women alone out there who also are preparing, and it usually seems like they’re left out of the equations.

There are all kinds of reasons that a woman could be living alone. She may have just left the nest and is out there joining the adult world with her 1st job and apartment. She is also unmarried or single. She may not have kids, or those kids may be off raising families of their own. Whatever the case, family-based preparedness suggestions don’t always apply to the woman living alone.

Because of that, I felt it long due to step up and address specific survival strategies for the woman living alone. Not that these tips are only for ladies. Many of them are vital for any person who needs to be prepared, and especially for the female prepper that’s living alone.

  1. Be additional vigilant with home security. As they are saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. ensure that you have motion-sensor lights at all of the entrances to your home and property. Get a dog. It doesn’t need to be a giant dog; my little Yorkie could be a nice early warning system!. Install prime quality locks and make certain you’ve got a fortified door frame.
  2. Learn to use a weapon. If you choose to buy a gun, get some instruction and visit the range frequently to optimize your skills. If you aren’t comfortable with guns, your weapon of alternative can be something else; simply ensure you’ve got a way to defend yourself. Take into account pepper spray or a stun gun …

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Prepare your home for winter

Prepare your home for winterIt feels like the summers are becoming shorter and the winters longer, once more again, we say this every year, and it may simply seem that way as we get older. However, winter is just around the corner, so it’s time to start out thinking about winterizing your home. Some things can wait, while others cannot.

1.) Garden hoses may be broken if left exposed to the cold, therefore start considering storage places. in addition, if you have freeze proof spigots, hoses have to be uncoupled to permit the water to properly drain from the spigot to stop freeze and bursting the line.

2.) Cover outdoor spigots with insulated covers as an added measure to prevent freeze.

3.) Lawn sprinkler/irrigation systems should be drained to stop damage to the system.

4.) Crawl space vents can have to be closed or covered to keep cold air out of the crawl space. In warm weather, of course, the vents are opened to reduce moisture buildup which can result in mould and mildew issues, to not mention moisture attracts insects in particular certain termites.

5.) Have your heating system checked before you would like it. Heating and air conditioning service firms experience high demand for services during the first cold snap of the season, therefore get…

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