Disaster Recovery Plan – Preventing Massive Data Loss

Disaster Recovery Plan – Preventing Massive Data LossHave you ever experienced losing something of a massive scale? How about experiencing software crash in your office? How about losing your most treasured collection of mp3s and images after a malware or computer virus bugged down your PC’s hard disk?

Well most companies actually don’t mourn on the loss of one of their major structures or buildings or even inventory. Large companies that breathe on data are more cautious of huge information theft or, worse, accidental data deletion. For these companies, a disaster recovery plan is never complete without a comprehensive back up of their database. If your company is frequently storing and updating customer info, then you should start making database duplicates. Here are tips on how you can minimize chances of massive data loss as part of your disaster recovery plan.

An effective disaster recovery plan must include the identification of threats to the company’s normal operations – and that covers data storage. In regions where natural disasters are most likely to happen identifying the hazards is relatively easier. California for instance is prone to wildfires, earthquakes and floods, so off the site data protection….

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