Survival Garden – How to test your garden soil

How to test your garden soilHave you been attempting to grow tomatoes however simply can’t appear to get them to thrive? Perhaps your cantaloupes simply won’t grow.

If you live in a place that gets lots of sunshine and water, chances are sensible that your problem is your garden soil. Fortuitously, that’s a simple fix.

We’re going to teach you four ways to check your garden soil so you’ll get your plants to grow as well as your weeds!

Use a Commercial Soil pH Test Probe

This method is the most costly however it’s correct and can tell you specifically what the pH of your soil is in order that you’ll be able to add what you wish in order to get your soil up to par. you’ll be able to decide one up for around $40-$50.

To test your soil pH, simply dig a 2-4 in. hole in your soil and fill it with distilled water …

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