Giant Fans Will Soon Suck Carbon Dioxide out of the Atmosphere

Giant Fans Will Soon Suck CO2 out of the AtmospherWhile some could associate carbon dioxide pollution principally with industrial plants and big chimneys releasing the gas into the atmosphere, the truth is that emissions from the transport sector represent regarding 24% of worldwide carbon dioxide emissions and have the highest emissions growth of all. They’re also harder to limit and capture. While there are existing technologies for trapping carbon dioxide out of a smoke stack, as an example, there haven’t been solutions for capturing the quantity already free into the atmosphere (by cars, trucks, and planes) — carbon dioxide that’s three hundred times less focused than the type coming out of a smoke stack. That’s til now.

In the beginning of this year, in Squamish, British Columbia, the privately owned (and backed by Bill Gates) company Carbon Engineering began the development of the primary air-capture carbon dioxide demo plant. For years, ….

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