Survival Garden – How to have a great garden all season

Survival Garden - How to have a great garden all seasonIn a bid to assist gardeners defend their lawn and garden from the continued effects of the warm, dry conditions expected, the garden and lawn specialists have developed variety of spring survival skills with horticulturalist Adam Woodhams.

Whether it’s adding nutrient-rich organic interest soil or sharpening your lawn mower blade, these tried-and-tested horticulture tips can guarantee your precious plants thrive through spring and summer.

“This is a great time to reacquaint yourself with your lawn and garden and spruce up areas that have been neglected over the winter months,” Woodhams says.

6 ways to mow like a pro

  1. Mow before the heat of the day

For the most effective cut, mow mid-to-late morning when the condensation has evaporated. If you’re lucky to own had some rain, wait at least a day before mowing to realize a straight cut..

  1. Don’t scalp your lawn

“Scalping” means mowing off third of the grasses height creating your lawn less ready to cope with hot, dry weather. Grass regarding 3 inches (8cm) tall …

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