Asthma – what it is, how to identify and what you should do

Asthma - what it is, how to identify and what you should doFew people remark the asthma epidemic; but if statistics could scream, the sound of the asthma numbers would be deafening.

Since 1980, the number of people affected by asthma has risen by sixty percent. Asthma-related deaths have gone up as well. At schools, inhalers have become nearly as common as computers. about twenty five million people in the united states, together with seven million kids, suffer from asthma.

But what is causing this epidemic? Nobody is entirely certain, but expert recognize a variety of potential culprits: environmental toxins, smog, household cleaners, mold, poor air circulation, processed foods and allergies. different potential causes include vitamin D deficiency, poor prenatal nutrition and even our obsession with being germ-free. Being excessively cleanly may stunt immune system development and overexpose America to harsh chemical cleansers.

To make matters worse, there are few treatments for respiratory illness. Inhalers — which typically deliver steroids, amphetamine-like drugs or alternative anti-inflammatory drugs — can head off a nasty attack, but the relief is temporary. Some asthmatics need to use their devices many times a day. There are a lot of invasive procedures. These include bronchial thermoplasty, reserved for severe uncontrolled asthma, which uses heat to relax airway muscles, increasing lung capability.

While these treatments is helpful, they’re certainly not adequate from an integrative medical perspective. Luckily, there are a variety of alternative approaches that may help asthmatics ….

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