Survival Guide – Protect yourself from nuclear war

Survival Guide - Protect yourself from nuclear warWith many nations of the globe today claiming to possess nuclear capabilities, and the constant bombardment of negativity floating through media of a nuclear event appears to be creeping into potential disasters we need to be ready for. Well, in my mind it always has been, especially lately.

Thinking about how numerous countries appear dead set on destroying not only their own country, however others as well, it’s lead me to significantly contemplate the possibility of WW3 being a nuclear war.

This is a region I had not really given plenty of thought to in the past, i think mostly because being prepared for something like this seemed either to overwhelming, however preparing for a nuclear attack really is worst case scenario.

And if you’re near the area where the nuclear even happens, sadly there isn’t much you’ll do, however if you do survive, the other events that we prepare for, which can follow a nuclear disaster can be so much worse.

But thinking like this can be not the right approach of thinking, in my opinion. I’m a survivor, and i am getting to do whatever I will to better the odds of survival …

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