Survival Guide – Twenty home security and crime prevention untold for preppers

Survival Guide - Twenty home security and crime prevention untold for preppersA major part of family preparedness is the maintenance of comfort, control, and preservation in a time of crisis. Regardless of the source of the crisis, we as humans need to protect the homestead and our loved ones at any cost.

The reason I bring this subject to the forefront is that recently, at a community meeting, I learned that home burglaries in my area ar on the increase. In a community where several still don’t lock their doors, was no surprise to me given the dire straits numerous ar in financially. And this isn’t localized. Because the financial crunch continues with no end in sight, you’ll expect to see property crimes on the rise.

The meeting was a warning call reminding me that i would like to try and do a list of the house security and crime prevention measures currently in place so I will make sure that both my family and my preps are secure. In doing so, I came up with these twenty tested crime prevention secrets for preppers.

There are a lot of things we will do to create our homes appear uninviting to criminals. The harder your property appearance to breach, the more possible it’s that would-be thieves will choose an easier target.

      1. Secure your doors with multiple lockup mechanisms. Yes, it’s an annoyance to hold multiple keys but why create it easy for the dangerous guys? A deadbolt is important and even 2 wouldn’t be excessive. make certain the locks are troublesome to choose.
      2. Reinforce your door frame. Keep in mind that a lock is just nearly as good because the strength of the door frame. It doesn’t matter how many locks you’ve got if they’re only supported by a flimsy interior frame. A robust person will usually break those down with a well-placed hit from a shoulder. Invest in a high-quality metal frame. These are terribly difficult to breach.
      3. Don’t leave keys out. Even if you think you’re being clever, don’t leave keys below mats, below flower pots, on top or door frames or in one of those $3 magnetic key carriers that work below the frame of your car. Thieves understand these places and are more inventive than you may think when it comes to locating a spare. Here at my place we’ve secured a spare key in a …

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