India permits free energy technology

India permits free energy technologyThe free energy that is found in India has given it its pride. It is also much willing to risk challenging Petrodollar countries with its move to support the Reactionless AC Synchronous Generator (RLG). It was invented by its engineer who was the former Executive Director of the Nuclear Power in India.

All these developments could not have gone through without considering the possible consequences that could have erupted from the petrodollar nations. India has decided to align its military program with Russia against the Nazionist cabal that is imposing all sorts of sanctions to destroy.

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The RLG generator was invented by Paramahamsa Tewari, who was an electrical engineer. The efficiency of the models he has built is as high as 250%. I made one visit in November 2014 to see the basis of the RLG that began in 2010. After I had arrived there, small experiments were done to prove how the RLG works. I found out that the work was ingenious, and the breakthrough was imminent.

The experiment has been done severally to prove the efficiency of generators far above the previous design. The design uses the same materials that were used before in the previous generators, but the magnetic circuit is the only device that was changed and configured to cancel back the torque while inducing current and producing power.

In my November visit, I saw two tests that were carried out to test for efficiency on the new model. The second test turned out to produce better results than the first one by a 238% efficiency. This might shift to 300% if the stator coils are connected to the circuit. This is a three phase generator that operates at 50 Hz.

We later visited a 130-acre factory, and when the chief electrical engineer saw our drawings of the RLG, …

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