How to Make Essential Oils for SHTF Medical Care

How to Make Essential Oils for SHTF Medical CareEssential oils are considered mankind’s 1st medicine and it’s been used throughout history for relieving symptoms of ailments and along side complimentary treatments. Using essential oils for healthful functions dates back to 4500 B.C. When ancient Egyptians discovered that oils and aromatics can be used for sickness. Let’s not forget those four thieves who discovered an easy combination of herbal oils when the black plague was wreaking havoc throughout Europe.

Chinese medicine also centers on herbal concoctions and essential oils and this drugs is finally gaining attention in the Western world. While several of the advantages of essential oils haven’t however been clinically tested, there’s feedback that recommend that these oils is also helpful to our health when used properly.

First things initial, essential oils are the very essence of the plant. The oils of the plant are keep in the leaves, flowers, bark, roots or rinds of the plant and hold all the healthful properties. The derived oils can be used for helping in relieving a myriad of medical ailments and utilized in a range of ways. Some more popular ways of using essential oils are aromatherapy, herbal soaks, compresses, tinctures and salves. But you’ll also use them in creating natural home product, and for medicinal uses. The most wonderful side of essential oils lies in their ability to effectively kill unhealthy microorganism while leaving good bacteria alone! As well, essential oils have multiple uses. Rather than targeting one symptom, as Western medicine does, it targets multiple symptoms.

Our reliance on antibiotics to be the cure for several modern-day infections has caused our communities to deal with resistant strands of bacteria and viruses. although these are community-based diseases, that means they’re typically contracted in hospitals, in a SHTF scenario they could become our worst enemy. Some essential oils, like Oregano oil ar believed to be a natural defense against MRSA, SARS and even shingles because they stimulate the immune system and attack bacteria and viruses at a cellular level. In 2001, Science Daily reported on a Georgetown University study which found that oregano oil’s germ-killing properties were nearly as effective as most antibiotics.

In an extended disaster, bacterial infections and viruses are probably to be one of the reasons that people can die. Historically, essential oils have been used as a natural medical care to relieve symptoms when modern-day medicine wasn’t available. There are 2 types of essential oils you should stock up on for SHTF planning:

  • Antibacterial Due to the rise of antibacterial resistant diseases, several are turning to essential oils like basil, cassia, cinnamon, clove, cypress, eucalyptus, …

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