Build a Winter Home Emergency Kit

Build a Winter Home Emergency KitWith cold weather and snow encroaching on us as well because the disastrous snow seen in the Buffalo, NY area recently, the thought of a winter home emergency kit is looking better and better. A part of being a prepper is being prepared for just about something the world will throw at you and while several of our plans are for epic disasters and TEOTWAWKI-level events, smaller seasonal disasters happen way more often, so being ready for these too only makes sense.

There’s plenty that goes into a winter home emergency kit and while you most likely have several of these provides around in one type or another, having them together and prepared for a winter disaster is important to obtaining through a disaster in the freezing cold with success.

Emergency Heat

While not having power in the warmer months is simply an annoyance, being while not power for anything more than a day or so in the winter could be a terribly huge deal if you live where the winter weather is really felt.

Make sure to possess emergency heat accessible for power outages which you’ve got enough heat for your entire family and pets. Kerosene space heaters and gas heating components are each great sources of emergency heat. These are shunned for indoor use these days for worry of fumes and carbon monoxide gas but used properly are completely safe inside and if you’re at least in your mid 30s, your folks most likely used a kerosene heater in your basement and you turned out just fine, right?

All you need to try and do is keep your house within the middle 40s during an emergency to remain safe. Pipes won’t freeze and you won’t get hurt, however you’ll definitely be uncomfortable….

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