Survival Drugs – How to Using Old Drugs for Survival

Survival Drugs - How to Using Old Drugs for SurvivalWhen it involves survival drugs, I create no claim of being an professional. I am, after all, a mere layperson with no medical training. On the other hand, I do possess a decent deal of logic thus when one thing appears a bit off, I do my own analysis and make choices based upon information and not upon supposition.

Most of what’s familiar about drug expiration dates comes from a study conducted by the Food and Drug Administration at the request of the military. With an outsized and expensive stockpile of medication, the military faced tossing out and replacing its medicine each few years. What they found from the study is ninetieth of over one hundred drugs, each prescription and over-the-counter, were absolutely good to use even fifteen years after the expiration date.

The question of whether outdated medicine are viable beyond their expiration date could be a heated topic within the prepper community. I get that as a result of there are some medications that fully shouldn’t be taken when they are old and expired. Some common examples include nitroglycerin, insulin, liquid antibiotics, and epinephrine but there are others.

What you need to know

Expiration dates were 1st mandated in the us in 1979. They’re the last day that a pharmaceutical company will guarantee 100% efficiency of a drugs. These medicines don’t, by and huge, become toxic after the expiration date. I promise you that you won’t grow a horn in the center of your forehead if you’re taking a pill the week after it expires.

In several cases, medicine in pill, powder, or capsule form are 100 percent potent for years after their expiration date. however do i know this? Federal Emergency Management Agency, and also the Department of Defense stockpiles many doses of medications utilized in emergency settings. in the past, when those medicine expired, they were discarded.

This gets to be pretty expensive, so a study was performed known as the shelf life extension program, one thing I 1st wrote regarding years ago. This program found that most medications, as long as they’re in pill or capsule type, were still effective after their expiration dates, generally for years. As such, I suggested not throwing them away but, instead, creating them a part of your survival medical storage.

This, by the way, wasn’t the case for medicines in liquid form. They lost efficiency quickly after their expiration dates, so aren’t helpful for long-term survival settings.

These findings led the government to put out extensions of expiration dates …

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