Survival Guides – First Aid Kit for Pet

Survival Guides - First Aid Kit for PetPreparing for emergencies doesn’t stop with securing the doors and latches. Our furred friends need some additional care during these times to better cope with changes happening and the disaster itself. Once surprising emergencies arise, pets tend to own increased anxiety and may react irrationally. Animals have instincts regarding severe weather changes and will usually isolate themselves if they’re afraid. If they’re left outside when these instincts kick in, they’ll run away to seek out safety. This will increase the possibility of pets getting lost, contusioned or maybe killed. By preparing for these changes in our pet’s behavior, we will facilitate them feel safer, and give them what they need to cope with the situation at hand.

Knowing how your pet can react before, throughout and after a storm is the start in guaranteeing their safety. Take your pet inside the house before the disaster happens. This may facilitate them realize a secure and quiet spot for them to ride out the disaster in. Also, as a contingency plan, it’s always good to possess your pet’s medical documentation and emergency …

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