The Best Four Strategies to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

The Best Four Strategies to Protect Yourself from Identity TheftWe have all heard horror stories of fraud and the havoc they leave in their wake. It can literally take years to clean up the mess of taken identity from credit issues to on-line accounts and on-line purchases, it’s something we would not want on anyone. In today’s cyber worl, it’s easier than ever to possess your identity stolen, however there are steps you’ll take to get on the defense against this sort of crime. Here are four easy stuff you will do to help defend your identity from being stolen.

Shred Your Mail

If you get paper bills, always shred them before throwing them away. Mark out any personal information like a social insurance number, telephone number, birth date, or address with a permanent marker, then run them through a shredder. You’ll also burn something like this too, if you don’t trust using the shredder to destroy all the information. By shredding the mail before throwing it out, you’re not going away any data in the hands of people who may go through your trash looking for personal identification data to steal. If you get many credit card applications in the mail, shred them and toss them ASAP and get off their mailing list!

Shop Secure

If you’re shopping at a brick and mortar store – try to use cash. It doesn’t leave a paper trail like credit cards or checks, that are targets for would be identity thieves. If you do pay using credit cards or shop on-line – think about using a service like PayPal –…

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