Preparing Tips – Office Emergency Preparedness Kit

Preparing Tips - Office Emergency Preparedness KitYou arrive at work to find that a maniac has taken your building, has all of the staff held prisoner on the lido deck, and the different bad guys are busy downstairs attempting to rob the vault. What if you find yourself in a scenario where you’re crawling across broken glass, oh…wait!

Let’s say a fire has taken out many of the lower floors of the building you’re employed in, and also the emergency services has shut the building down. No access in or out. Currently you’re stuck. You can’t get out, but they can’t get to you, yet. You don’t know how long it’ll be till they arrive, however with no power, no water, and no phone systems, are you ready for the minor and major emergencies which may arise?

You will definitely go to make your own office survival kit to assist make sure you have all the tools at hand to assist get through the emergency scenario till emergency personal can arrive, otherwise you will get to a secure space.

This is going to be completely up to you. Like each emergency kit or bag, some basics should be included, however you’ll personalize it to your scenario. Here’s an inventory to get you started:

  • Bottled Water – First and foremost. Yes, you’ll have access to running water for alittle, but odds are, if this is a significant emergency, water access might not always be available, particularly if it’s run with a pumping system. In this case, you may like a bottle of water to packet just because they’ll be refilled if a good source is found.
  • Snacks – Whether you like protein or carbs, keep alittle supply of foods just in case you’re trapped in your workplace space for for a while and don’t have access to vending machines. My husband keeps many protein bars in his. It’d be good to keep some hard candies, too.
  • Roll of quarters – Not each emergency means that you’re without power and access to the break room, however you’ll not be ready to get out of the building. Before you bust down the vending machines, have a offer of coins to be ready to purchase snacks to keep you going. I wouldn’t rely on only money because how often do those machines ever really return change? I’m not going to create the suggestion to …

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