Survival Guides – Seven ways to use things that surround you

Survival Guides - Seven ways to use things that surround you

As much as I don’t wish to spew doom, mark my words – after a disaster, times can quickly modification, and the sooner we will adapt, the better our probabilities at survival will be. One of the primary things we must always do following a disaster, assuming the danger has passed and everyone is safe, is to start to visualize how everyday items may be used as tools for off-grid living. An simple credit card or a busted mobile phone will go an extended approach in surviving an emergency. We can simply find items around our home to promote our security and prosperity.

  1. Gravity fed water filter – Water is essential to survival and your first priority once all hell breaks loose. When you drink dirty water, it can cause severe diseases, even death. If you haven’t invested in a water filtration system, then you would like to find out a way to purify water for consumption. Here are directions for the most basic kind of water filtration system. It’s very easy to create, it’s an primary school project!
  2. Rope – Rope or paracord can serve multiple functions in off grid living…

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