Survival Hacks – Things you can Barter

Survival Hacks - Things you can Barter

We’ve all seen those articles outlining forty or fifty or a hundred things we will use to barter in a post-collapse world in order to get food, water, munition and different things that we’d urgently want. Once reading them, the main factor I learned, apart from the actual fact that toilet paper and female hygiene products are always at the highest of the list, is that just about something may be helpful in a post-apocalyptic society.

And that’s fine apart from one thing: we tend to don’t always have the space to hoard everything we will get our hands on. What I’m looking to do during this article is offer you with an inventory of ten everyday things you’ll barter with that won’t get your relatives thinking you’re crazy for having too much of.

Yes, these itemss are already in those immense lists but the good thing regarding them is that they’ll ne’er raise any eyebrows.

  1. Floss

I don’t understand you but I haven’t had one cavity in the last three years, all thanks to the fact that I started flossing. Post-collapse, oral hygiene goes to be issue, and though water and bicarbonate of soda create a good toothpaste, it’s the food middle your teeth that’s going to be tough to get rid of. That’s why floss is simply as necessary as brushing. The best part is, storage it doesn’t take too much space .You’ll literally store many packs and nobody can notice. Plus, they don’t want any special conditions, you’ll literally keep them anyplace.

  1. Alcohol

Trust me, nobody can become suspicious for having too much booze around. Alcohol won’t only make a good comfort item however it may facilitate clean wounds and may even be used as fuel if you’ve got an alcohol stove.

If there was a contest for the simplest bartering item to stockpile, my cash would get …

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