Survival Guides – Primitive Fishing Techniques

Survival Guides - Primitive Fishing Techniques

Primitive fishing techniques are very helpful skills to understand if you find yourself in a survival scenario. The chores of survival need plenty of calories which might be hard to replace out there in the woods. In some areas fish are an excellent survival food – if you know a way to catch them. They supply protein, fat and essential nutrients – vitamins and minerals that are necessary for muscle and bone health. In the Pacific Northwest entire primitive societies were built round the seasonal migrations of a certain fish – salmon!

In this article I’ll share three ways of getting fish in a survival situation if you’re caught out there without any trendy fishing gear.

  1. Fish Spears

Survival Guides - Primitive Fishing Techniques - Fish Spear

Fish spears are easy and simple to create but need plenty of talent and information to use with success. They’re only practical on certain kinds of fish and in certain environments. The best conditions for hunting with a fish spear are areas with significant cover on the bank and clear or shallow water where you’ll be able to see the fish. Carp and catfish root in the early mornings close to the shores …

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