Prepping Tips – Survival: How to Start and Why

Prepping Tips - Survival: How to Start and Why

You see it everywhere the mainstream media also as our favored various media websites, things are changing rapidly, and not for the better. You’ll feel it in your gut, things are going to go from bad to worse, and appear to be happening at alarmingly quicker pace. With all of the horrific things that are happening in our once great country, now’s the time to organize for the dangerous times that are inevitably coming back. However wherever does one begin? What are you able to do? The primary thing is to begin by creating a list. Create a list of everything you would like to do to organize, and keep this list visible so you’re always forcing yourself to look at it thus you’ll be doing one thing to get prepared.

Food and Water Storage

This is large and vital. Purchase what you can, and begin stocking up your storage room. Once your storage room is full, begin searching for totally different places to store your food. You don’t need to keep everything in one central place. By dividing up where you store your food, you’re preventing somebody from knowing where all of your food is. This pertains to water also. This might look like I’m being paranoid, but in today’s climate, I believe it isn’t being paranoid, it’s being prepared.

Think about it, if there are thousands of individuals coming into our country lawlessly on a daily basis, and they are allowed to remain, and receive drivers licenses, welfare advantages, etc. Pretty shortly, there’ll not be something left for anyone, including us. If it ever gets to this purpose, thanks to the NDAA, the govt will come back and take your provides, together with food for the larger good. If you have your food storage in many different areas throughout your home, you may still have food to feed your family, even if they come and take some of your food. Therefore do yourself a favor and begin buying and stashing nonperishable food things. The more you can put toward food now, the longer you’ll be ready to feed your family just in case everything goes dangerous in a hurry. And don’t overlook the water. We all understand you can only live for three days without water, and three weeks without food.

So now, while most things are abundant, stock up. How many gallons of milk do you go through a week? What do you do with those empty milk jugs? Why not clean them, fill them up with water and put them away? Plastic milk containers won’t last forever, however if you don’t have any water, wouldn’t you rather …

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