Survival Skills – Primitive Skills for Survival

Survival Skills - Primitive Skills for Survival

You might have heard this before but it bears repeating the most valuable tool is the one on your shoulders and this can be exactly why learning primitive skills is so necessary. What would you are doing if you had nothing? What would you are doing if you had to leave everything you own and begin from scratch?

The good news is that we’ve created some advancements in the last million years, and we don’t need to live like a cave man. We have alternative materials available to us apart from rock and bone.

Regardless of the materials used the principals remain identical, you need a spark or friction to begin a fire, you need sharp correct weapons for hunting and defense and you need the simplest way to carry all your provides.

In a post collapse or post-apocalyptic scenario we might have to revert back to a time when we couldn’t simply flip a switch and the lights came on. And we may find ourselves having to go out and hunt or fish for our own food, as a result of we won’t be ready to just hop in the car and obtain that pre processed meat in the pretty package from the shop.

If we don’t know how to making a fire without briquette or we don’t know how to forage for food what are we going to do when everything will disappear?

This is a reality that some folks ignore, but if everything goes downhill everybody will be searching for food, water and shelter. And everybody who is unprepared can by any means necessary attempt to get what they need, even if that means stealing from you, and leaving you with nothing.

I’ll say it one more time just to be clear, everything we own could be taken away, leaving us with nothing but the tools in your head. This might be from marauders, hungry people and even our own government.

If we simply open our eyes and use our critical thinking skills we can make weapons, begin a fire and build a shelter using the resources around us.

If you’re in an urban area during or after a SHTF event the odds are that everything will be in ruins. Buildings and roadways may be folded, homes may be abandoned and there may literally be junk all over.

When I think about a situation like this, I don’t see junk, I see opportunity. With a little bit of critical thinking and ingenuity we can use these materials to make shelter, weapons and tools. But if we don’t understand the principals of primitive tools and skills we might end up throwing a rock at …

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3 thoughts on “Survival Skills – Primitive Skills for Survival

  1. Here’s a primitive skill for you.
    Personal hygiene.
    The human skin is the largest organ in a human and it needs to be looked after.
    Adults carry some 8 pounds (3.6 kilograms) and 22 square feet (2 square meters) of it.
    One tiny nick and infection can enter it.
    So stop with the pictures of filthy people. It may look good but is really stupid!


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