Do You Think Are You Physically Prepared When a Disaster Strike

Do You Think Are You Physically Prepared When a Disaster Strike

Ok, when the disaster your prepared right? You have your bug out bag full of everything you’ll possibly consider, you have a bug out location picked out that’s only ten miles away, you have got picked some completely different routes that you can drive there and a few if you have to walk.

Or let’s say you’ve got no plans to bug out and you’ve got lots of land to plant a garden, your water catchment system is top notch and you have some livestock that may assist you be independent for a long time to come, so you’re prepared for anything right?

A well thought out set up is important to your survival when your life gets turned upside down. However running through situations in your mind burns zero calories, and running for your life with a fifty pound bug out bag on are going to be much more challenging than you think.

If you’re not prepared physically to travel ten miles on foot, otherwise you aren’t prepared for a few hard labor working on your homestead, your well thought out plan won’t work out as well as you thought it would.

We don’t necessarily need to go to the gym twice per week and run on the treadmill with a backpack filled with twenty pound weights, however we do need to ensure our bodies are able to handle the physical labor if it ever comes to that.

If you look at photos of people during to the good depression you don’t see many of us who appeared like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Rambo, you see that most folks that weighed between a hundred and one hundred fifty pounds. These folks weren’t specifically healthy because of their situation, however they may probably out work most people these days.

If I needed facilitate chopping firewood or raising a barn i would choose somebody who lived sixty years ago over the modern gym rat any day, somebody who is 250 pounds of pure muscle may be prepared to cut down a tree quicker than a a hundred and fifty pound man, however at the end of the day that a hundred and fifty pound man who is accustomed to manual labor can out work the gym rat.

Why is this? Because the gym rat is employed to a specific exercise routine that sometimes involves working out for an hour each day. The boys and girls who lived through the depression had to work fifteen hours a day just to survive and had …

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