How To Sharpen Scissors, Clean Gold, Take Off Ink

How To Sharpen Scissors, Clean Gold, Take Off Ink

You probably heard some helpful advices from your granny which you applied in your household and they were extremely economical. Here are some tricks that may save you time, preserve your food and assist you in everyday household maintenance.

  • Put some salt in a pan before heating it, and the oil won’t spray when it becomes hot
  • You should wash meat under water fast. Never keep it in water, that will make it lose its important ingredients
  • Chicken will have crusty skin if you put lemon juice diluted with some water during roasting
  • Every rice bead will be separated if you add a few drops of lemon during cooking
  • The spices go at the end of cooking, that’s the only way you’ll preserve the aroma
  • Potatoes will be cooked faster if you add some oil in the water
  • Add apple slices in the sauerkraut while cooking for better taste
  • Excess carrots from the soup can be combined with potato mash – it will give it a lovely new color and taste …

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