Survival Skills – Strategies for Remain Calm in Survival Situations

Survival Skills - Strategies for Remain Calm in Survival Situations

It takes way more than the information and skills to make shelters, get food, make fires and travel without the help of normal navigational devices to live with success through a survival scenario. Some people with very little or no survival training have managed to survive life-threatening circumstances. Some folks with survival training haven’t used their skills and died. A key ingredient in any survival scenario is the knowledge of the individual(s) involved. Having survival skills is important; having the will to survive is crucial. Without a desire to survive, acquired skills serve little purpose and invaluable information goes to waste.

There is a psychology to survival. The person in a survival environment faces several stresses that ultimately impact his mind. These stresses can turn out thoughts and emotions that, if poorly understood, will transform a confident, well-trained adult into an indecisive, ineffective individual with questionable ability to survive. Thus, everybody …

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