Hidden Carry Handgun

Hidden Carry Handgun

These are unbiased and real world tests from a wanna be adventurist who works over he plays. I hope you utilize these posts to define your own brand of success outside of work.

Ok, therefore I understand that this is not necessarily outside of work and it may not be fun stuff but this information could save your life and that of those most significant to you. As a business owner, you deal with strangers daily. The odds are that you will never experience deadly violence or robbery. It’s also true that you can likely ne’er be in a deadly automobile wreck but we all wear seat belts, use airbags, antilock brakes etc. Your ability to protect yourself, and your customers, against deadly criminals is something you should take seriously.

Concealed carry handgun laws were enacted to assist law-abiding citizens carry self-protection weapons without alarming ignorant or otherwise uninformed citizens. Most states require extensive education and training for anyone who desires to carry a concealed gun. The training course includes weapon safety, legal regulations, training in the use of the gun in protection situations and more. Here are some of the elements of a good concealed carry handgun:

  • Concealable and comfortable to wear in everyday life.
  • Effective in stopping inevitable serious or deadly harm to you or others.
  • Quickly deployable in situations where seconds matter.

There is no excellent self-protection weapon. Avoid the debate over revolver or automatic. Avoid the useless debate over which caliber is best. Avoid arguing with anyone who needs you to not use a firearm for protection. Keep in mind that the right to bear arms is one of the few rights specifically enumerated in our Constitution. Most of these debates are held by people who have rarely fired any kind of firearm at anything.

The bottom line is this: If it’s uncomfortable or difficult then you’ll not carry it. If you do not carry it then you can not use it to save your life. If you purchase large of a caliber then you can not …

Read more » https://www.patriotdirect.org/hidden-carry-handgun/

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