Survival Skills Kept The Native Americans Alive

Survival Skills Kept The Native Americans Alive

I have a lot of respect for Native Americans — people who populated this land before the first European Caucasian set foot on these shores.

History rarely mentions it, but countless thousands of those Indians were killed by illness and carried in the boats of those early traders. However before that, the American Indian had a thriving culture, in tune with nature and appreciative of the beauty around them.

Of all the cultures mentioned as “primitive” by supposedly civilized society, this is the culture we all know the most about. However at a similar time, we all know little about them. Sadly, history and Hollywood has not treated the Native Americans fairly, portraying them as a barbaric culture, largely responsible for attacking white settlers and committing atrocities on them.

There are most likely countless things regarding survival that we can learn from the American Indians. Here are several:

  1. Nature Has Everything You Need

The Indians had to get everything they needed from nature, and they did. Whether it absolutely was flint to begin a fire or animal skins to make clothes, they found everything they needed in the world around them. Few people would be ready to survive if we were just dumped in the wilderness with nothing. except for the Indians, that was simply lifestyle.

It is necessary to note here that the Indians were happy with what nature provided. While several Indian cultures used gold and silver, they weren’t seeking to amass wealth to themselves. They were happy with the lives they had, and not wanting anything more.

  1. Fathers, Teach Your Children

Survival was an all-encompassing task for the Indian. One of a father’s responsibilities was to show his sons how to survive. There wasn’t a college to which they could send their children; they’d to show them on their own. If a father was negligent in teaching his son, the son would most likely die.

The number of skills the average American Indian needed to learn was actually rather extensive. Since they’d no trade centers as we know the term, they had to create everything they needed. An Indian who needed a canoe had to know how to build it himself. Same for his bow, his arrows and his knife.

If you and i don’t teach our kids the survival skills we are learning, we are preparing them for failure. You won’t be there forever to protect them. At some point in time, they will need to make it on their own. that will be the test of whether you’ve trained them well or not.

  1. Live in Harmony with Nature

If there were ever people who lived in harmony with their surroundings, it was the American Indian. They took what they needed from nature, however did so while not destroying nature. They learned the sounds and movements of the animals and could read their signs. More than anything, they studied everything around them.

There were always tribes which were friendly to the white man. We all know the Indians educated the Pilgrims how to plant and cultivate. Had it not been for the information of the Indians, and their understanding of nature, the us would have died aborning. Their information of nature was …

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Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050

Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050

Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has launched these days the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, which aims to make Dubai a world hub for clean energy and green economy.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed affirmed that the United Arab Emirates is leading international efforts in clean and renewable energy despite having one of the world’s largest oil reserves.

Sheikh Mohammed said: “The strategy we are launching today will shape the energy sector in Dubai over the next three decades. It aims to provide 75% of the emirate’s energy through clean energy sources by 2050, reflecting our commitment to establish a sustainable model in energy conservation which can be exported to the whole world, and support economic growth without damaging the environment and natural resources. Our goal is to become the city with the least carbon footprint in the world by 2050.”

He added: “Every investment in the development of clean energy sources is at the same time an investment to protect the environment for future generations. It is an effort to build our sustainable economic sectors which do not depend on non-renewable energy resources and are unaffected by volatile energy prices. Through this strategy, which is based on innovation, research and development, we aim to explore the future of the energy sector to unveil initiatives that will make use of the scientific and technological developments in this sector and take the lead in their development and application.”

His Highness asserted that the UAE is keen to become a worldwide reference platform in sustainability practices by remodeling concepts into real applications. His Highness called on international companies and R&D

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Putin just threatened to pull out of the fight to destroy ISIS if Turkey downs another Russian jet

Putin just threatened to pull out of the fight to destroy ISIS if Turkey downs another Russian jet

Russia will pull out of the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State in Syria if there is a repeat of the shooting down of its fighter jet by Turkey, Vladimir Putin has warned.

Speaking after talks in the Kremlin with French President Francois Hollande, Putin expressed lingering anger at Turkey’s actions, saying he viewed the downing of the jet as an act of betrayal by a country Moscow had thought was its friend.

And while Putin said Moscow was ready to keep cooperating with Western powers against the “mutual enemy” of ISIS, he said the downing of the jet by Turkey this week was “unacceptable.”

“We are ready to cooperate with the coalition which is led by the United States. But of course incidents like the destruction of our aircraft and the deaths of our servicemen … are absolutely unacceptable,” Putin said at a news conference with Hollande.

“And we proceed from the position that there will be no repeat of this, otherwise we’ll have no need of cooperation with anybody, any coalition,

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Obama pushes for gun control after Planned Parenthood shooting

Obama pushes for gun control after Planned Parenthood shooting

After a gunman opened fire at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood on Friday, killing three people and injuring several others, President Obama urged the nation to increase gun control over “the easy accessibility of weapons of war.”

“This is not normal,” the president said in a statement Saturday. “We can’t let it become normal.”

“If we truly care about this — if we’re going to offer up our thoughts and prayers again, for God knows how many times, with a truly clean conscience — then we have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them,” Mr. Obama added. “Enough is …

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Captagon – The Jihadist Islamist Drug

Captagon - The Jihadist Islamist Drug

Dubbed the “jihadist’s drug,” Captagon is quickly flooding the middle East and is claimed to be supply the bloody conflict in Syria. French media recently reported that the Paris attackers might have taken the drug.

Last weekend, Turkish anti-narcotics police confiscate eleven million Captagon pills in a haul that weighed nearly 2 tonnes. it was set to ship to Gulf countries. widely illegal since the mid-eighties, the pills offer an inexpensive and long high and are extremely addictive. They also have the potential to cause mental disease and brain injury.

The production of the drug, which keeps fighters awake over long periods of time, is said to be providing financial gain for all factions concerned in the Syrian war.

During the last year, shipments of Captagon have been seized on the way to the West Bank, Jordan, Sudan, Syria and also the Gulf. In October, an Saudi prince who was arrested for attempting to export two tons of the drug onto a plane.

As Syria has been engulfed in war, smugglers of the little-known, extremely addictive pills have been forced to search out alternate routes through Lebanon.

Lebanese journalist Radwan Mortada has spent ten years investigating crime, corruption, and the war in Syria. In her documentary for journeyman photos, The Drug supply Conflict in Syria, Mortada follows the Captagon path, from users on the battlefields to traffickers …

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Knowing Wilderness First Aid May Save Lives In The Wild

Knowing Wilderness First Aid May Save Lives In The Wild

Those getting to spend anytime in the outdoors ought to contemplate the needs for safety while hiking on unfamiliar trails. There’s a good deal of difference in serving to somebody with a broken arm or deep cut at home than providing wilderness first aid for all the potential dangers present. Groups attending to head into the wild may think about having someone trained in wilderness first aid accompany them on the trip.

There are places that providing training for those wanting to learn wilderness first aid, which takes over a few of hours to learn a way to treat all the potential injuries. The person responsible of providing medical help can have the knowledgeable in patient assessment and the correct means to look at someone for hidden injuries. They must also be adept at taking vital signs, and the way to document those signs and make a history of the person’s condition following an accident.

Head injuries and spinal cord injuries are always a possible hazard when in the wilderness and knowing a way to assess and treat these kinds of injuries is an extremely vital aspect of wilderness first aid. They’ll also need to know how to recognize when someone is going into shock  …

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Best Five Advantages of Carrying a Hidden Gun

Best Five Advantages of Carrying a Hidden Gun

Permitted in all fifty states, carrying a hidden gun isn’t any longer a taboo topic of debate. There ar still those who strongly disagree with carrying, however the importance of carrying will not be denied. Preppers understand that during a SHTF scenario, open or hid carrying is important for surviving. Having a gun on you at all times doesn’t translate to making rash choices or going on a mass shooting, as many of us assume. Instead, having the correct in touch arms offers carriers protection for themselves and their adored ones, safety and a way of responsibility.

  1. Protecting yourself and others when you can’t rely on the police

In a worst case situation, when all hell breaks loose, police forces won’t be ready to protect anyone. In fact, they may think about their own protection and their family’s safety before considering serving to out the public. What’s to be exhausted this case? Responsible survivalists can never use guns for anything apart from protection and also the safety of kids and other unarmed individuals. Attempt picturing a chaotic situation wherever everything is up for the grabs: supermarkets ar vandalized, folks are desperate to get their hands on food provides. Everyone is only wondering themselves and their families, why ought to they care regarding strangers? From here on, it’s not difficult to imagine however things can get very heated. Generally all it takes is an insult, a shove or a push for a man to take out his knife and begin …

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