Survival Guides – Edible Plants In A Survival Situation

Survival Guides - Edible Plants In A Survival Situation

Along with carrying food with you it’s also valuable to know what kinds of food you’ll eat and which you must avoid. Getting sick is better than dying however if I had my preference i would choose to stay as healthy for as long as I could.

Even if you’re in a exceedingly bug out situation and in an urban setting you may still find some of these close to you.

Arrowroot is edible and you can even find arrowroot flour sold in some retail stores. Typically, the basis is dried and ground into flour however the roots can be boiled and eaten like any vegetable.

Cattails, simply recognized by the massive flower or inflorescence and the entire plant is edible but is best before the stalks turn woody in late fall. The roots and the stalks near the ground are the best components. In the spring, the pollen created by the inflorescence is used as flavoring for soups, stews and sauces or used like flour.

Most consider the burdock plant a nuisance weed however in some parts of the world, it’s cultivated for its roots. Dig the roots up and leave the dirt on till ready to slice thin for cooking. Don’t peel the root before cooking. It’s suggested that you only eat young first year plant roots raw, otherwise boil as you would carrots or potatoes.

All elements of the dandelion can be consumed at anytime of the year however is best when consumed before the flower buds. Boil or eat raw as you’d salad greens.

Hawthorn berries are edible these are also called thornapples, while they’re edible but will upset your digestive system. You’ll eat this fruit by scraping the haw over your tooth. But keep in mind, if you develop any abnormal symptoms like dizziness, headaches or rashes you should stop eating hawthorn …

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