Prepper Guide – Power Outage and Lights out Kit

Prepper Guide - Power Outage and Lights out Kit

Lets face it, we are completely dependent on electricity. Everything we do in one way or another was created because of electricity. As preppers we are concerned regarding many alternative disasters, and the possibility of being without power goes along with several of them.

It doesn’t need to be an EMP strike or a terrorist attack that takes the grid down, we may lose power at any time as a result of weather or natural disasters. If you’re like me when the facility goes out everything you’re doing stops. If you’re lucky, it happens during the day and everything goes silent. If it happens at night that’s a whole completely different ball game.

Along with having food and water, having a lights out kit and alternative energy choices are at the top of the list for preppers. Not only will the lights be out, but your ability to cook, stay heat or cool or use the toilet can and will all be affected.

Every year within the fall I do a detailed inventory of my prepping provides, check expiration’s and ensure everything is in working order. So, I figured while I had my lights out kit and provides out.

The Lights Out Kit

I call this my lights out kit, however it’s really more of a place that I put the supplies I don’t need touched, and I don’t want anyone to dig through on a day to day.

It’s not everything you’ve got or need. There are most likely lots of provides that you have that won’t fit in a plastic tote, and there are plenty of provides that are scattered around the house that you use frequently. We have items like candles, lighters, flashlights and solar chargers that we use regularly that don’t go in this kit.

It’s not for fuel or lamp oils. You don’t want to store kerosene or lamp oil in the same container with your other supplies, and if you store it in the garage you wish to make sure everything in it can handle the intense temperature changes more on this later.

It’s for stuff that you don’t want touched. The children are notorious for taking batteries or mixing up dead batteries with new batteries, so I like to have a stash set up that I know for a fact that I have the supplies that I believe I have.

It’s for stuff you won’t use frequently. Like the saying goes, 1 is none, and 2 is 1 …

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