Survival Tips for people who are intolerant to Gluten

Survival Guides - Survival Stockpile Gluten Free

As someone who lives a gluten-free lifestyle out of necessity, let me tell you that I faced many challenges in the starting. I only learned that I was gluten-intolerant a few of years ago and I had to take a serious look at my stockpile. Something with grains had to travel. That includes flour and something that has flour in it; breads, gravies, several commercial seasoning mixes, pasta; it seemed my stockpile diminished to practically nothing.

I didn’t discard it as a result of my family can still eat all of that but I required to take a serious look in order to make sure that I have enough stockpiled for myself as well. Most gluten-free commercial foods are dear but I’ve found ways around it in my lifestyle. In my prepping closet, though, I’ve made a few changes.

Flour replacements

There are many various flours that you can store in place of wheat flour. Sadly, most of those flours have a little of a shorter period of time than wheat flour and they’re different to cook with.

I have many different recipes that I use depending on whether I’m baking bread, cookies, cakes or cornbread. I recommend stocking the essential flours: almond, tapioca, cornmeal, rice flour, potato starch and perhaps a bean flour.

For thickening, I keep cornstarch for milk-based products and arrowroot powder for non-dairy recipes because dairy tends to make arrowroot a little slimy. Sometimes I simply use cornstarch. It’s cheap and simple to store because a little bit goes a long way.

I also have bulk storage of oats, not quick cook, because it’s good to eat, it works as a binder in many recipes and it’s even good for your skin. Also, oat flour is great for several …

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