Eight ordinary mistakes of wilderness survival

Eight ordinary mistakes of wilderness survival

1.  No Shelter

This is a 2 fold mistake that will cost you your life during a wilderness survival scenario. The primary fold of this mistake isn’t having a correct shelter with you, the second fold isn’t having the knowledge to make a shelter from nature’s tools which are all around you. When talking regarding somebody or a group of individuals who died in the wild there’s a typical term that you just can hear come up, exposure. Whether it’s hypothermia or heat stroke, the bottom line is you either didn’t have shelter, tent, tarp, sleeping bag with bivvy, otherwise you didn’t have the information to make an acceptable shelter to protect yourself from the weather. Remember, staying dry is the 1st rule of survival.

2.  Lack of Good Navigation Tools

People who venture into the wilderness without a map, compass, and GPS are flirting with disaster. Anyone who has hung out in the woods knows that within seconds even the simplest woodsman will get turned around in thick trees and bushes and start to walk the incorrect way. The key to navigation is having a back up technique to seek out your way to safety, keep in mind two is one and one is none ne’er rely on GPS alone. Having a decent understanding of cardinal directions using the sun and stars is additionally useful if you’re thrown into a scenario where prior preparation wasn’t available plane crash, boat wreck.

3.  Poor Knowledge

Be ready is the slogan of the Boy Scouts, unfortunately most of the people who find themselves in a wildernessa survival scenario have very poor information on a way to survival and are sometimes totally unprepared.

Know the 5 keys to Wilderness Survival 

1. Know how to build a shelter
2. Know how to signal for help
3. Know what to eat & how to find it
4. Know how to build and maintain a fire
5. Know how to find water and prepare safe water to drink.

4.   Miscalculating the Risk

Most wild survival things start off very innocent; like a fishing trip with friends, a day hike on a familiar path, or a planned father and son hunting trip. Then things go really wrong and suddenly you’re faced with a life and death situation…

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