Survival Guides – Make a perfect EDC Survival Kit

Survival Guides - Make a perfect EDC Survival Kit

We all need to be prepared for anything that life may throw at us, and truth be told, most preppers are already ready to handle much more adversity than the common person. However, that’s only true when we’re within the comfort of our own homes, enclosed by the tools and supplies which will create life easier in any scenario.

But what happens after you leave the house? Clearly, you can’t take everything with you when you go for a hike or take a visit. Consider each treacherous situation that you’ve ready yourself for, and try to imagine what it’d be like endure it with only the tools that you will carry. Not really easy is it?

This is why you have to be very savvy regarding putting your EDC (every day carry) kit together. This kit should include everything that you will easily keep on your person in most things, and it ought to be custom for your needs and your surroundings. Don’t mistake it for what you would take with you if you were going carry or camping for the weekend. An EDC is what you’ll be able to carry when you’re travel or taking a day trip out-of-town, or maybe even going to the grocery store.

There’s a awfully good reason for this distinction. Technically you may take an oversized backpack with a camping stove, tent, and sleeping bag with you all over you …

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