Survival Stockpile – Three foods necessary to stockpile

Survival Stockpile - Three foods necessary to stockpile

You’ve got a lot of vegetables canned. Your jellies look lovely in their jars and you have got an honest kind of fruits. That was all a lot of work however it wasn’t hard to figure out.

The question now’s how do you stockpile the hard stuff like meat, butter or perhaps eggs? There are lots of necessary foods that you got to stockpile that may prove to be a challenge if you don’t have access to a freezer and refrigerator. Don’t worry though. You’ll do it, and we’re progressing to tell you how.


Meats are actually pretty simple to stockpile and there are many ways of preservation that you just will use. Because it’s a low-acid food, you may will it but if you are doing, you would like to use a pressure canner and make double sure that your jars are intact and your seals are good. There are two ways that you’ll can meat. You can dry can it or you can pack it in water.

Dry canning is great for meats like hamburgers, crumbled hamburger, sausage links or patties and even bacon. The simplest way to verify what meats you want to dry will is to decide whether or not you want them to be wet after you take them out of the jar.

For instance, meat or chicken gets tender when it sits in water and goes through the wet canning method. You don’t want that for hamburgers or bacon.

To dry can burgers, crumbled burger or sausage, it’s best to use large-mouth jars. You’ll fit about four hamburger patties in a pint jar and eight in a quart jar. The only time you actually need large-mouth jars is once you ought to fit burger or sausage patties without mushing the patty into the jar. For everything else, standard-mouth jars are fine.

To determine the correct size of the patty, use a seal as a guide. Pat them out so they’re identical size because the seal then brown them on both sides. You don’t ought to cook them all the way; just brown them…

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