Survival Tips – Best five uses for Duct Tape in Survival Situations

Survival Tips - Best five uses for Duct Tape in Survival Situations

Anyone who understands the worth of multi-purpose items realizes how necessary duct tape is. In fact, the majority would be hard pressed to come up with another item which will function several purposes as duct tape does.

Much more difficult than providing a comprehensive list of duct tape usages is narrowing that list down to the five best uses for this unbelievable tool in a crisis scenario. Everyone’s prime five list would be different, depending on a variety of things together with the weather, the type of clothing you’ve got in your bug-out bag and the specific tools to that you have access.

For this specific prime five list, I’m attending to stick with the duct tape uses that just about anyone may benefit of during an emergency scenario. It’s very possible you’ve already used some of them, and perhaps you’ve heard or considered some others. Hopefully, there’ll be at least one that you’ll find yourself saying, “I’ve ne’er considered that.”

Duct Tape Origins

There are many totally different opinions relating to how and why duct tape was created, including one that says it was formed for the purpose of sealing air ducts. Some credit Johnson & Johnson for 1st developing this versatile item during the 1940s – in response to a U.S. military request – for the purpose of waterproofing boxes of ammunition in order to keep moisture out.

Regardless, duct tape quickly became common. Since then it’s taken on totally different forms, functions and colours, and may now be found in homes and supply kits, also as among hunting, fishing and camping gear.

OK, now for my prime five duct tape uses during a crisis:

Clothing – Following a disaster that causes you to bug out, you’re likely to possess to spend a big quantity of your time in the outdoors. The weather will be a giant factor here, however regardless of the temperature, you may got to be shielded from the weather. Any variety of clothing items – footwear, gloves and even visors – can wear out quickly, but you’ll layer and kind duct tape to fashion temporary versions of one or a lot of of them.

Survival Tips - Best five uses for Duct Tape in Survival Situations duct tape pants

First Aid – Even with hiking boots or walking shoes, you’re likely to get blisters when you’re traveling on uneven terrain within the wilderness. Duct tape

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