Survival Tips – Why Pocket Knives Can Save Your Life

Survival Tips - Why Pocket Knives Can Save Your Life

You ne’er understand when a pocket knife will come in handy. In a worst case situation, you’ll be carrying it around in your pocket, without using it a lot of besides opening a box or cutting some duct tape each few weeks. But in the best case scenario, you may save someone’s life. All of a sudden, it seems worth it to require a light weight pocket knife around with you at all times, doesn’t it? When the majority hear “pocket knife” they see a weapon and that they instantly suppose self-protection. Who wouldn’t wish to guard their families and themselves? But beyond self-protection, pocket knives have multiple uses. If you’re not already carrying a pocket knife with you at all times, the following reasons may change your mind.

Eating food

  • Ever went hiking and couldn’t cut an apple or split a sandwich with someone? You won’t bear that again if you carry around a knife pocket. When it comes to food, pocket knives are priceless. They’ll assist you cut cheese or prepare food on the go. To not mention that they’ll come in handy once somebody places a plastic knife ahead of you that’s supposed to assist you cut your cut of meat. Nothing is a lot of frustrating that being handed a butter knife that’s nearly useless. A sharp pocket knife can spare you the hassle and change you to properly fancy your meal. Pocket knives even double as a fork once you’re really in a pinch for cutlery.

Making fire

  • Getting a fire started along with your bare hands may be pretty discouraging. However when you have a pocket knife, the task looks more manageable. You’ll realize that pocket knives are vital after you are in a country and you’re struggling to seek out tinder for a fire. The tool can come in handy and rescue you from a cold night and a chilly dinner. Cutting up dead branches and chopping dry wood can seem like a piece of cake.

Comes in handy

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