Survival Tips – The Attitude of Survival

Survival Tips - The Attitude of Survival

All things thought of, the most vital thing we can bring with us into any SHTF situation may be a positive mental attitude. Don’t laugh. Things are hard enough as it is once the proverbial snowball begins rolling downhill whether the triggering event is political, economic, environmental, or a mix of all three.

Many preparation and survival articles out there right now target specific things like the varied ways that to begin a fire or a way to survive in an urban setting or what plants are safe to eat. This information and the skills which go along with it are essential however without a positive attitude your probabilities of surviving astronomically plummet. Whether you rely on faith or are simply a naturally optimistic person, you need to realize how to see the light at the end of the tunnel. A SHTF scenario, despite why it occurred will be a shock to the bulk of people who live in this modern world and think about technology to do the most basic of things day in and day out.

The one struggle I see among friends and acquaintances that run and/or volunteer at animal rescues is that the unfortunate fact that they can’t save all. This can be a awfully depressing reality for them and it’ll be a person’s reality throughout a SHTF scenario. Coming to terms with it now and probably learning to detach alittle like those in the medical field should do so as to defend their psyche once viewing horrifying cases of man’s violence against man are going to be a requirement. You want to review your priorities. Understanding this as the new reality however having hope that it won’t last forever can get you through. Unfortunately, not everybody will be ready to maintain this sense of optimism through the worst of times. Do your best. If you have the means that and also the room, save alittle extra for people who could return to your door seeking facilitate, but understand your ability to assist isn’t as limitless as your temperament to assist. Even …

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