Survival Guides – Eight Prepper Hacks for Cleaning Without Water

Survival Guides - Eight Prepper Hacks for Cleaning Without Water

That magic moment once you attend wash your hands and nothing comes out of the tap. Late on evening – you know, too late to achieve the local repair guy – that was the situation at our rented farm. Nary a drop was coming from our faucets.

For the past few months, I had believed there was an imminent issue with our well. However, it had been one of those intermittent issues that was not possible to diagnose before it really fell apart fully. So, there we were after dinner on a weekday night, with laundry half means through a wash cycle, a sink mounded with dirty dishes, and the debris of a canning session all over the counters. And no running water.

Of course, having lived up North through a well going dry, varied power outages, and frozen lines, this wasn’t our 1st rodeo. The good factor regarding prepping is that we always plan for the worst case situation. We instantly shifted to plan B mode and tapped into our keep water. While cleaning is certainly less than fun in these conditions, it are often done. Here are eight tips for cleaning while not running water.

1. Break into the provision of disposable products.

Obviously in a long-run situation, disposable product won’t be what you turn to for cleanup. However, during a short-term power failure, they’ll be terribly useful in getting your food prep areas clean.

Before washing additional dirty dishes in soapy water, …

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