Survival Guides – Shelters Placement is Important

Survival Guides - Shelters Placement is Important

Shelter will mean the difference between life and death during a survival situation, then the importance of a shelter can’t be stressed enough. However, your shelters location is just as vital, and it’s something that must be carefully considered.

Your shelter will defend you from cold winds, the scorching rays of the sun, from rain, snow, from insects and from predators that prowl the night as well. Mother Nature is unforgiving and she can implement close to perfection when it involves the location of your shelter.

1. The term “widow maker” or fool killer is usually related to logging operations. A widow maker could be a broken or detached limb that’s caught in the branches of a tree. When loggers using a chainsaw, ax, or crosscut saw, for instance, try to bring down a tree, any detached limbs will fall as the tree is cut down and strike anyone underneath.

The broken limbs can in fact fall at anytime on anyone, and one may fall on you or your shelter. If given a alternative, your shelter shouldn’t be placed below any giant trees that might cause this hazard. Even healthy limbs can break off and fall in high winds, or come down due to heavy snow or ice buildup.

2. Flash flooding will happen at any time without notice. Significant rains miles upstream will cause any creek or watercourse to overflow their banks. These can be creeks, or rivers that you could also be miles faraway from that may overflow and make flash flooding where you’re. Fast snow melt also can …

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