France – Ground Zero For The Terrorist Attacks

France – Ground Zero For The Terrorist Attacks

It has become more and more clear to anyone who has been look since 9/11, that the attack on the twin towers wasn’t an isolated incident, but rather the opening salvo during a new war. While President Bush responded to it by declaring his ill-famed “War on Terror,” he was late, terror, compliments of variety of islamic organizations, had already declared war on the western world.

I say the western world, instead of the United States, because up till the some years, there are only a few terrorist attacks on the United States. However throughout those ensuing years, those terrorist organizations are busy in Europe. It wasn’t extremely till the increase of ISIS, that we saw a lot of an increase of islamic terrorist act here at home.

But we aren’t the first target in the plans for this jihad. Whereas the Muslim world hates the United States and totally intends to bring us down, they need decided to go after Europe first. A lot of specifically, it seems that they need chosen France as ground zero.

The terrorist attacks in Paris on friday the thirteenth, are the second major terrorist act in Paris to receive worldwide press this year. Together with the attack on Charlie Hebdo, earlier this year, islamic terrorists have succeeded in killing over one hundred eighty people in Paris this year, final numbers on this latest attack ar still unsure as of this writing. While not returning anywhere near the attack on the twin towers, this can be a big range of innocent lives ended, during a war to conquer the planet.

Make no mistake, this can be a war and its goal is world conquest. Muslim leaders have created it clear that this can be a holy war, a jihad, with the goal of making a worldwide islamic caliphate. Under such a caliphate, the rest folks have three options: convert to Islam, become what’s basically their slaves or die. If we hesitate choose, they’ll decide for us and simply kill us.

While Muslims ar invading all of Europe, it’s clear that they’re concentrating on the wealthier countries. Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom and France have all …

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