Captagon – The Jihadist Islamist Drug

Captagon - The Jihadist Islamist Drug

Dubbed the “jihadist’s drug,” Captagon is quickly flooding the middle East and is claimed to be supply the bloody conflict in Syria. French media recently reported that the Paris attackers might have taken the drug.

Last weekend, Turkish anti-narcotics police confiscate eleven million Captagon pills in a haul that weighed nearly 2 tonnes. it was set to ship to Gulf countries. widely illegal since the mid-eighties, the pills offer an inexpensive and long high and are extremely addictive. They also have the potential to cause mental disease and brain injury.

The production of the drug, which keeps fighters awake over long periods of time, is said to be providing financial gain for all factions concerned in the Syrian war.

During the last year, shipments of Captagon have been seized on the way to the West Bank, Jordan, Sudan, Syria and also the Gulf. In October, an Saudi prince who was arrested for attempting to export two tons of the drug onto a plane.

As Syria has been engulfed in war, smugglers of the little-known, extremely addictive pills have been forced to search out alternate routes through Lebanon.

Lebanese journalist Radwan Mortada has spent ten years investigating crime, corruption, and the war in Syria. In her documentary for journeyman photos, The Drug supply Conflict in Syria, Mortada follows the Captagon path, from users on the battlefields to traffickers …

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