Lung Cancer Vaccine

Lung Cancer Vaccine

Lung cancer over the years has continued to claim lives of its victims. However, for over 25 years, thanks to intense clinical tests and research, a vaccine has been found. But why is there lack of information on how to access the drug to the public? The answer is simple; backroom dealings that certain government officials are making with firms in the pharmaceutical business to hoard the drug.

Cuba, for instance, the world’s largest exporter of tobacco, has the largest number of lung cancer victims. Cuba then developed a vaccine, CimaVax EGF, proven to be effective in managing lung cancer.

How the Vaccine Works

The treatment helps in minimizing the ability of a patient’s body to produce the EGF hormone. EGF hormone, is important in the cell division process resulting to an increase in the growth of cells in the body. Cancer is a result of multiplication of these cells and it’s stopped byusing EGF vaccine which stops the growth of tumor.

Atleast two clinical tests in Cuba have shown that CimaVax EGF, improves the survival rate of lung cancer patients usually in the terminal stage. Hypothetically, the survival rate of lung cancer patients can be increased if the vaccine is administered in the earlier stages of the disease’s advancement. Note that the vaccine is not preventive as in other diseases, only that it makes the lung cancer disease more manageable by reducing cases of early lung cancer deaths.

Other lung cancer treatment procedures like chemotherapy and radiation are known to kill patients. The side effects of CimaVax are mild. It is also less costly since it goes for $1 to produce it. This is much affordable …

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