Survival Guides – Twelve Tips for Families with Children

Survival Guides - Twelve Tips for Families with Children

As someone who is well past child-bearing age, I usually tend to overlook the importance of addressing survival and preparedness methods for families with young kids. That being said, when it involves kids, three words come to mind: safety, security, and comfort.

As adults, I feel it’s our duty to introduce kids to preparedness activities at a young age. This needs to be done in a fun, however serious manner, so as to avoid fear. The last item we want to do is introduce a boogie man once there is none!

Over the years, I have always treated young children as mini-adults with a capability to rationalize, understand, and feel the emotions and body language of the adults around them. I really like that kids are fresh and unspoiled by life and it’s failures. For no other reason than that, I wish to share my thoughts on preparedness for families with very little ones under the roof.

Twelve Tips for Families with Children

  1. Include kids in family preparedness discussions. Explain what you’re talking about in a calm, assured manner and answer questions honestly and easily. Focus the conversation on the security problems that will ensure their survival.
  2. Regardless of their age, teach young kids to memorize basic personal information like full name, address, phone number, and the names of their parents or guardians. This may be invaluable in the event they become separated from their family following a disaster.
  3. Learn the disaster response policies of you child’s school or daycare center. Make sure to establish a backup plan so that somebody is available to pick them up and/or care for them if you’re unable to do so. A  good idea would be to own the backup person check on them, regardless, just to make sure. After all, you’ll be hurt and unable …

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