Nine False Survival Myths And Things That Can Get You Dead

Nine False Survival Myths And Things That Can Get You Dead

I noted some “TV survival shows” and commented that performing some of what they prescribed was foolish. I am happy that these shows are creating individuals a lot of aware that their own safety and security is ultimately up to them. But what they show is Hollywood fiction.

So in an effort to steer people far from the “Action packed, drama filled, scripted” TV survival shows, I believed I would list some common “Survival myths”. These myths aren’t true. But for whatever reason they continue to be passed on as fact. These are in no particular order.

I’ll hunt for my food during a long term, grid down event

No matter how much of a extremely skilled hunter you might be, those skills are useless if there’s nothing to left hunt. In a true SHTF future event, the animals available to hunt are exhausted relatively quickly.

Using the deer population in the United States for instance, deer numbered around thirty two million or so in 2014. With over three hundred million folks in the USA alone, and the highest rate of gun possession in the world, you’ll connect the dots and see the potential ramifications when you have that several hungry individuals with 267 million or so guns.

A large number of individuals don’t know how to hunt let alone field dress an animal. However that may not stop them from trying. Hunger may be a powerful motivator.

Yes, suddenly the number of hunters in the United States would explode, and also the rules and laws in place to assist make sure that the animal population remains intact would be right out the window.

Unfortunately, it won’t be just the deer. The entire animal population would be sent into free fall. Small game, birds, fish, etc are wiped out because the shrinking human population become a lot of desperate for dwindling resources.

And once wild animals are gone, Whiskers, Mittens, and Fido are up next. If it moves, chances are somebody will be hunting it. And with it the sustainability of animals as food would possibly cease to be.

Moss always grows on the north side of trees

This is not true. Moss grows wherever there’s shade and wet. While the northern side of tree may receive a lot of shade, moss isn’t exclusive to the north side of trees. So it’d be foolish to trust only on this as a way of finding north.

There are way more effective ways of determining your direction if you become lost, like using an analog wrist watch or using sticks. You’ll use even sticks at nighttime to find …

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