Survival Tips – How To Survive an Airplane Crisis

Survival Tips - How To Survive an Airplane Crisis

At any given time, about 500,000 individuals are flying somewhere in the world. The Transportation Safety Administration screens around two million passengers every day, and there are estimated to be 30,000 to 40,000 business aircraft in active service. This suggests that plenty of folks go plenty of places in airplanes. While commercial air transport remains one of the safest ways to travel, when things go wrong, they usually do so in spectacular fashion.

When people think about mishaps involving planes, they instantly think about crashes. Statistically speaking, the dangerous part is driving to the airport. Realistically, you’ll encounter the same dangers in the terminal and on the plane that you would just walking down the street — physical threats or attacks beside the potential for sickness or infection. Being ready for a plane to go down is just the start of air travel survival.

Onboard Security

The authorities won’t allow you to carry a lot of when you fly, but that doesn’t mean you have to be helpless. Like most things, a bit forethought and planning before your next flight will create a giant difference if and when life goes sideways.

First, you need proper footwear. Flip flops are great for obtaining through security however fairly worthless in a world characterized by jagged metal and flammable materials. I always fly in a nicely broken-in try of combat boots. Speed laces mean I can get into and out of them as quickly as I’d a pair of gym sneakers for the Transportation Safety Administration screening area. Side zippers build them even faster to take off. Discipline yourself to stay them on while flying. They won’t do you much good stuffed underneath the seat prior to you.

In a serious crash, if you survive the initial impact, you likely will exit the aircraft with what’s on your person and nothing else. You’ll have the simplest gear in the world, however if it’s in the belly of the plane or the overhead compartment, it might as well be on the moon. As such, some baggy pants with lots …

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