Six Tips for Protecting Your Home from Snow

Six Tips for Protecting Your Home from Snow

As your family prepares for the coming winter season, you may be excited regarding the prospect of the first snows. The cold white flakes will be a pretty sight, and a promise of the holidays and activities to come. Though snow provides a chance to spend more time in front of a warm fire, it will pose hazards to your home. Snow storms can damage your home’s roof, gutters, and siding in extreme conditions. Here are a six tips to assist you to protect your home from harsh snow this winter.

Wrap your pipes

During the winter season, pipes have the tendency to freeze. When this happens, there is serious financial consequences since frozen pipes will burst and cause important water damage. Protect your pipes from freezing by wrapping them in insulated wrap. Another issue you’ll do is to keep water flowing through them. If you know you won’t be using that downstairs toilet a lot of, think about wrapping those pipes or cutting off the water system temporarily.

Remove snow from your roof

Depending on the condition of your roof, accumulated snow will cause damage over time. The heavy snow will burden struts if the roof isn’t slanted and permits for melting. If you notice an outsized amount of snow on your roof,…

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